i wish i could just die in your arms back when we hugged.
then i don't have to survive ,survive without it
and became who i am today.



i am really over using my voice,but since this is the first week,i really want to make a better impression for the classes so i am giving it all out. i am worried a bit for my throat though,i think i still need to hold back a little from next week,and this new job makes me appreciate my original teaching job even more,so i am working double hard in the afternoon. whenever i am teaching,i think of Miwa in her concert,she can just go on and on and on without any stop,that's what i wanna be.
many exciting events are approaching now:an official Blythe anniversary exhibition is finally coming to taiwan in november! and in october also get to see winnie live on stage after so long,some trips are in the plan,works will also be super busy. wow i am living.i am so tired now,i guess i can have a very good night sleep tonight.
i wish you see that. i am fine.
i wish you know that,you are still you to me.
today i got your message which is saying,JJ is coming.
i will probably see him and hug him and cry a little because i have been waiting.

OK now

when i am ready to write something,i am out of time.
i got the job after the demo teaching and the interview with the school principle today.
i have been teaching in the school for three days now,
i feel everything is going really well,students' response are also wonderful.
i think now i am the most talked teacher in the school,when i walked pass the kids,i could hear them whisper behind me "that's our new english teacher.." "so can he speak chinese or not?"

coming out from my own shell,watching how other people are living their lifes,
it seems to me that everyone beside me knows what they are doing,
to me they are all successful. everything is almost so meaningful.
i wasn't living my life for a long time,i was only living my mind.
drifting with the flow of my mind.
i thought i was going crazy.

and now it is the chance for me to start a new life,and it indeed has begun.
i feel really happy in such a long long while.
and i should know that it's not that i am going to be ok,i am going to be happy.
i'm happy now,i am OK now.

and i wanna be magical. i wanna be enchanted.
i can do this so well.