原本想要把狐狸吊飾的螺絲轉開變成一個簡單的公仔擺放, 但是忽然想到那一天在小小旅館裡 新買的狐狸就從螺絲上鬆開了 你就什麼也沒說地接過去 熟練地幫我慢慢地把螺絲轉回去那個小小的洞裡。 想到你那時候臉上安靜的表情, 我就緩緩的把已經鬆開的螺絲又扭了回去。 i was going to loose the screw on the fox to make it simply a figure for display, then i thought of that day in the small hotel room, the screw on my new favorite fox was loose suddenly , you didn't say anything and took it over you started to twist the screw for me and put it all back quitely i remembered your face that day. so calm and steady. then i stopped what i was doing and left the screw on my fox. That was how the little prince tamed the fox. And when the hour of his departure drew near "Ah!" The fox said. "I shall weep." "It's your own fault, " the little prince said. "I never wished you any sort of harm;but you wanted me to tame you..."


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